• “ The only real stumbling block is fear of failure.
    In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."

    ― Julia Child.

New site address! www.fortheloveoftaste.nl

Dear All, I’m so so happy and proud to let you know that my recipe blog grew to the next stage. From today on you find my new recipes and of course all the exciting ones on http://www.fortheloveoftaste.nl A brand new look with a super convenient recipe index to search recipes easy by look and … Continue reading

Chicken Satay with Cucumber Coco salad /// Kip Sate met Komkommer cocos salade

  Satay exists in many variants and flavors one even more delicious than the other. In Asia it is a common snack sold by most street stands, traveling through Asian countries, I can’t pass a local stand without at least having a look at those great smelling Satays. A spiced minced chicken grilled on a stick. Sophisticated fresh flavors … Continue reading

Raspberry Lemon love popsicles – dairy free /// Framboos Citroen ijsjes – zuivel vrij

  I am radiant adoring love on a stick. A tangy combination of vitamins and enzymes make me a perfect after dinner treat. To help your digestion but mostly just to satisfy your taste buds. Adoring isn’t boring it’s nice like ice ;) Preparation: 10 min. Freezer time: 4 to 5 hours What you need: … Continue reading

Lemon rice with mango and mint /// Citroen rijst met mango en munt GLTN free – Dairy free

    A perfect love story between mango and lemon. The sweet mango and fresh tangy lemon blend together perfectly in this rice porridge. Together with the creamy taste of coconut and the warmth of cinnamon makes this breakfast a good start for your inner ‘combustion’ engine. The perfect start to your day and a good source … Continue reading

Creamy Avocado Basil dip Sauce /// Romige Avocado Basilicum dip Saus VGN – Dairy free

    A fine, full flavored Italian style vegetable dip. Nice on the snack table with eg carrot sticks or celery sticks. Or as the basis for this super tasty sauce zucchini spaghetti salad. The recipe for the sauce is enough for a 4 person zucchini salad. If  you throw a small (er) party,  just halve the … Continue reading

Zucchini spaghetti salad /// Courgette spaghetti salade VGN – Dairy free

  Strong flavors and colors that’s Italian simplicity at its best. This pleasant, quick to prepare, healthy and packed with all the goodness of summer sun zucchini salad is simply delicious. In no time on the dinner table to be fully enjoyed and to dream away of pleasant sunny cypress like landscapes,  you totally will feel the Italian … Continue reading

Creamy Blueberry-Rose ice pops – dairy free /// Romige Bosbes-Roos ijsjes – zuivel vrij

    Like a little poem resonates this ice in my mind. Creamy blueberry rose popsicles. An indulging combination of all sweet loving things in life. Color, taste and the gentle scent of rose makes me fall in love with this Fresh summer treat. Knowing by its pure ingredients I’m nurturing my inner me too … Continue reading

Strawberry mousse mini torte – gltn free – dairy free /// Aardbeien mousse mini taartjes – gltn vrij – zuivel vrij

      How cozy is it to drink some tea with good friends and chit chat ? Exactly super cozy and also one of my favorite things to do besides cooking. And that this goes with cake or other good food is a girl fact indeed. Challenging if it turns out that your friend in question has … Continue reading

Spicy Mackerel with Asian veggie noodles /// Pittige Makreel met Aziatische groente noodels

    A real mix of all recent impressions that’s what this spicy mackerel and veggie noodles are. Though there are already three new travel plans on the agenda … still Bali is fresh in my memory.  Since our return I’ve visit the Asian shop here more than usual. This thanks to the longing for the fine food … Continue reading

Creamy Avocado-Coco ice pops – dairy free /// Romige Avocado-Kokos ijsjes – zuivel vrij

      Warm beaches, palm trees and a fresh sea breeze that’s what I think when I eat this ice cream. An instant mini vacation to Bali.This is also the place where the idea for this ice cream was born. Bali is known for their delicious fresh fruit shakes. And where can the fruit taste better … Continue reading

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